Friday, March 13, 2009

Use the Muse Entry Submitted

Well, finally with some sunshine, I was able to get pictures of my Use The Muse entry. I wrote the description and off the e-mail went. I was glad that the sun finally decided to shine for a few hours so that I could snap the picture. Although, I am sure that the neighbors that I was crazy. I went outside in a loose top that has the elastic around the top so that you can wear it on or off the shoulders. So I have the necklace on, top pulled low so as to not get in the picture. Then I have a mirror in one hand so that I can check that the necklace is laying just so, and the camera in the other hand. I would snap a picture and look at it on the display. Adjust and snap the next. Actually, I did pretty go and only took about 10 photos. Of those about 5 were usable although I really only needed one. I was losing the afternoon sun and just kept clicking to be safe. I am sure someone across the street was shaking their head thinking "Yes, she has definitely lost it now!"

So my entry is done and gone. So the deadline is Monday and the winner is to be announced about one week later. Once the winner is announced, then I will post pictures. That is one of the rules, that you cannot post pictures until the contest is over.

I can't wait for the next one to start!

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