Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Designing New Pieces

On Beading Daily, some of us decided to do a finished piece swap. Although we all make jewelry, some do weaving, some do stringing, and everyone creates differently. So I finally found the focal beads that spoke to me and I have been working out the actual design. It has been taking a while to say the least. I am still not happy with the smaller components of the necklace but I think that the overall thought is there. Now just the fine tuning so to speak.

Once I have finished the piece and the swap actually happens in May, I will post pictures of the piece that I did as well as the piece that I receive. I can't wait!

On Artfire, some of us have decided to do a pendant swap. This way we can get a new piece without spending any actual money, other than the shipping. Just like the finished piece swap, it allows us to trade products without any out of pocket. I would recommend others giving it a try. You might be surprised by what you get!

Anyway...don't forget to check out Artfire.com. Some of the artisans are doing our own stimulus called the Artfire Stimulus Package. These are items that have basically been put on sale to try to help others afford wonderful handmade items. Visit www.artfire.com and search for Artfire Stimulus or AFTP.

Thanks for stopping by!

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