Friday, March 27, 2009

New Banner, Avatar & More

Sorry that I have not posted anything for a few days. I have been busy! Whew!! I pulled out some beads from my stash that I have had for a while. And ended up with a stunning piece ( sorry, I think it is Gorgeous! ) and that one piece made a light bulb go on in my head. It was the AH-HA moment. I have decided to go with a clean classic design from now one. When I get this piece photographed and posted on Artfire, you will understand what I mean. I really like it and it is something that I would buy myself. So using this as a recipe if you will, I am going to re-vamp my design style.

On top of that, I am working on a line of "different" pieces. It will still fit into the clean and simple idea, but it is different. When I get some of those pieces done, I will also post some photos so you can see. These would appeal to a completely different crowd than my other pieces.

Then, I decided to get a banner and avatar for my artfire studio. So I have been working with a lovely lady, Dawn at Lifes Moments Captured on Artfire, about that today. I think she was wonderful and I can't say enough about her. She took my basic thoughts and turned in to something wonderful! When I would ask her to change something several times, she never thought I was being picky. Hopefully, I will be able to get it downloaded this weekend and you all can give me your thoughts.

So, that is about it for now! I am going to go try a few things for that new "different" line and see how it goes! Thanks for stopping by and visit me at .

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