Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day! Make sure that you wear your green!

I also haven't blogged for a few days as nothing really has been going on. Last night, the weather was so nice that we took our St. Bernard for a walk to the local Dairy Queen which is about 5-6 blocks away. He LOVES an ice cream cone. He is well known at this walk up Dairy Queen and the wonderful employees always fix his cone and hand it out right away. You see...he stands with his head resting on the outside counter waiting patiently! Do I need to describe his huge, sad looking eyes?

Once they hand out his cone, I take him over to the grass where he proceeds to lick and bite at the ice cream until he gets a brain freeze. Yes! You can tell it as he will close his mouth and give a little shudder. Then he starts back in again. We have to make him take the cone in about 3-4 bites. He would like to eat it in one but I make him be patient.

By the time his cone is gone, and I have wiped him clean ( yes we take a hand towel with us ), our ice cream is ready and we start the walk home. The entire time he keeps stopping and looking at us as if to say " You aren't sharing!". Usually by the time we walk back, we are done with ours and he gets the left overs.

He is so spoiled that he knows that if we turn left out of our driveway, he is going to Dairy Queen! No...not spoiled at all!

We do this about once a week until the weather gets too hot for him...or too cold for us. Once it gets too hot for him, we will add trips into Petco and then either McDonalds or Dairy Queen depending on what we want. He prefers his hamburgers without pickles. He will spit them out immediately!

Anyway...that is how we spent out evening last night. We all enjoyed it. Soon we will be lighting fires in our fire pit. Our dog loves that as well as he will lay by our feet and wait for any dropped or unwanted toasted marshmallows!

Did I mention that our dog is spoiled? Anyway...thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out my artfire studio at www.shedesignsjewelry.artfire.com !

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