Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Making Progress!

Well, I got a new banner and avatar! I will have to update this page to reflect the new stuff! I love them. Dawn at LifesMomentsCaptured on Artfire is wonderful to work with! I can't say enough awesome things about her. If you are looking for a banner or avatar, contact Dawn! YEAH!

Also, the progress on my new design style lines I think is coming along. I have to tweak some things but I am making progress which is a good thing! I am hoping to get some more things done this week including a DIY lightbox. I hate to have to wait until the sun shines to take photos. So, I will give it a shot!

I will give some more details on my new line when I have some pieces completed which hopefully with be on Sunday! If not this week, then definitely the next weekend as my hubby goes back to nights after almost 7 years! But we are looking at the positive in that he still has his jobs and with all this economic turmoil, we are very thankful! We will take nights!

I have a couple of pieces that I need to complete for commissioned pieces that I am suppose to deliver this weekend. So I have to get busy on those tonight and tomorrow. Then I will also have Thursday to finish everything. I also have some sewing to get done for my son. Sewing some patches on a flannel jacket for him. It shouldn't take long but I have to rethread the machine since the thread that I have keeps breaking. I needed to buy something stronger.

I think that is enough to keep me busy this week! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you stop by again soon! please also visit my site at SheDesignsJewelry.artfire.com.

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