Thursday, June 4, 2009

Treasure Chest Hunt on Artfire

Okay...there are some studios on that have signed up to do a Treasure Chest hunt. There is more information at but the idea is that each studio that has signed up has a treasure chest attached to one of their items. If you purchase that item, then you get the surprise. The surprise can be different for each shop. It may be a free item that was pre-selected, it may be a buy one get one half off deal, you just won't know until you purchase the item. It will be really easy to tell if that is the item as within the listing there is a photo of the treasure chest. So if you are looking at a picture of one of my fabulous necklaces, you will see a couple of photos of the necklace and then one photo of a treasure chest. Only the item with the treasure chest has the special. 

This special runs only on Saturdays from Saturday 10 am until Saturday night Midnight EST. So...start planning your purchases now! 

Sheila Hendricks

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