Friday, April 3, 2009

I so need these!

Here is the deal! My hands are always cold but I hate to have my fingers covered. I know I can't complain. But in high school when I was in the band, we would cut the finger tips out of our gloves so that our hands would be warms but still be able to feel the keys on the instruments.

Fast forward about 10 years and the place I worked at was always cold. The area I sat in always had a draft. We would sit with blankets around our laps to keep work ( while 10 foot way they were sweating like you would not believe ). I started cutting the fingers out of cheap gloves so that I could keep my hands work but still be able to type. But, the gloves eventually rip, snag, fray, etc from the cutting.

How I would have loved to have had these gloves!

( Sorry the link is not working! UGH !) But these are some gorgeous gloves that are made without the finger tips by a wonderful person at Pixie Pirate Crew on Artfire. So please, stop by their site and stroll through. There are wonderful hats, scarves, gloves, all kinds of things.

I know that is some areas it is starting into Spring, but it is never too late to prepare for next winter. Please take a look as there is some great stuff there! Thanks!

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