Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Prom! What a Month!

Prom...What a month! Not just a night...but a month! 

Okay...my son is very much into his punk and rockabilly music. He wears the clothes, etc. So it is not uncommon for him to be wearing plaid pants, or the black tight bondage pants, minus the long straps. These pants are the tight denim with zippers everywhere. 

So his girlfriend's parents convinced her that they needed to go to Prom. They go to separate schools so they decided to go to her Prom. I asked her what her dress looked like and what she wanted him to wear. This was done as he is a tri-color color deficient person. So he sees only black white and grey correctly. Well, her answer was "I don't care. He can wear what he wants"

So, he wanted a leopardprint faux fur. Guess what...They don't have those at rental places. So, after some research on the web, I found the exact fabric he wanted at a place in California. I made the purchase and got the fabric. Found a jacket pattern and spent the next 2 weekends and 18 hours ( give or take ) to sew him his jacket. 

She had ordered her dress on line. She had decided to go a leopard print to match him. Well, the morning of Prom it still had not arrived so she went to a local shop and bought a very elegant little black dress. So I sewed a wrap of black and leopard print from extra from his jacket for her to wear. 

So...one would think it is all over! However, graduation is in 3 weeks and now I have to get all of that organized! 

So I have decided to kind of take the next few days off from designing or creating anything! I need a break to kind of regroup and re-energize. But I am glad that I did it as they looked fantastic!

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  1. Sounds like you've been busy! I would love to see a pic of the tux and dress.